Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saying Good-bye

Wow! A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks! Well, for starters...I wrapped up my final days at my job in Orlando. It was hard to make the decision to look for a new opportunity, but as much as I love selling the "dream" to my brides...I thoroughly LOVE being the person to make that dream real. I know it was the right decision and I can't wait to officially start my new position (which happens in TWO days!)! While I will also be servicing corporate functions, which aren't my #1 favorite, having the opportunity to work with the brides again will be worth it all. My work threw me a going-away party last Wednesday (well, two Wednesdays ago). My boss came in from Tampa (ironically, I will now be working for her husband at my new hotel!), and a lot of my co-workers showed up to wish me farewell. I definitely shed a few tears opening my card/gift and when I received our ritual gift of a photo of the hotel with a signed photo mat with everyone's signatures (I SO love this tradition and was SO excited to finally receive my first one!). They made sure to have some of my favorite foods too: chocolate chip cookies (I am such a cookie monster), cheese displays (I can't keep my hands off of them!) and steamed pot stickers (yum!). Open bar never hurt anyone either ;) 

 Cleaning out my office took FOREVER! I can't believe how much "stuff" I've collected in just under two years! (Sidenote: I've already checked out my new office...doesn't
even come close to this amazing view and so much space!) 

 Since I've been so incredibly busy after my last day, I haven't even had a chance to try out my new gift! I can't wait to use it soon and I will definitely have a review to post about the Jambox!